Get Back on Track After a Fitness Setback – Your Five Step Plan

Get Back on Track After a Fitness Setback – Your Five Step Plan

If it’s cold and dreary where you live, you may have recently found yourself in a situation like this:

Monday morning — you make it to the gym and have a great workout. Those new year fitness goals are going to be a breeze!

Same thing Tuesday. Another great workout, and you’re feeling unstoppable.

Then comes Wednesday. Suddenly, you’re feeling tired and a little achy. Next thing you know, it’s a full-blown fever, and you’re sidelined with the flu all the way until the following Tuesday. It’s officially been seven days since you went to the gym — or even for a walk around the block.

Now, how the heck are you supposed to recapture the motivation you had a week ago?

Whether it’s illness, injuries, vacation, or simply life getting in the way of your fitness goals, it can feel tough to jump back in, particularly if you’re coming off a period of time when you didn’t feel your best. Try these tips for fitness re-motivation.

Make your fitness setback a thing of the past – Get back on track

Be kind to yourself.

A thousand times yes to this one! It’s no fun to think of exercise as punishment — or to think you have to go harder than before to “make up” for time lost. Instead, remember that if you were sick or injured, your body was telling you something — to slow down, to rest, etc. Don’t push yourself to the point of illness all over again. No matter what’s going on in your life, don’t forget to offer yourself the same kindness you would a friend.

Start slowly.

If you love HIIT, but aren’t quite sure if you’re ready for an intense hour-long class, that’s OK! Hit up yoga or take a slow jog today to see how you’re feeling. It’s only once you’re excited to be back in full action will your favorite class feel fun, exciting and empowering again.

Depending on how long you’ve been away, your muscles have likely decreased in strength, and your lungs in endurance. You won’t immediately be able to return to your pre-break power, so don’t expect yourself to and push it too hard.

Refocus on nutrition.


When you’re sick, comfort food is king. So it can be tough getting back to a life of salads, healthy proteins and no more ice cream. But, the hard truth is, healthy eating and ample hydration are two of the surest things to help you feel better. And, if you are lacking fitness motivation, spending a full day dialing in your nutrition can help. After 24 hours of healthy eats, you’ll wake up the next morning feeling more ready to take on the gym.

Tap a buddy.

For many of us, workouts are more fun when they’re social. To get yourself back to the gym for the first time, schedule a workout date, or ask your online fitness friends for a kick of motivation. With your squad cheering you on, anything is possible.

Shift to positivity.

Setbacks are frustrating. But chances are, you still have a lot to be grateful for when it comes to your health. Focusing on the good can help make your lost motivation easier to bear.

Some ideas: You might be thankful for the ability to buy healthy food; your favorite comfy workout hoodie; a job that allows for lunchtime trips to the gym; friends and family that support your healthy living goals; a safe neighborhood to walk in; particular abilities, like running or performing a pull-up, etc.

You might start off feeling like you have a mountain to climb, but once you start to think gratefully and positively, it’s not so scary.

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