FDA Food Label Changes in Years to Come- What You Need to Know

FDA Food Label Changes in Years to Come- What You Need to Know

Your food labels will be looking quite different in the next couple of years.The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is bringing essential modifications to all food labels, giving consumers better clarity on what you’re actually consuming in hopes of making healthier choices. On May 20th Michelle Obama announced the changes to come and the impact they’ll have as a part of her ‘Let’s Move initiative’.

It’s about time considering there have been no changes to the food labels in the past two decades. With approximately 77% of the adult U.S. population claiming to look at food labels every time they shop, it’s a necessary upgrade. As a country it’s important we’re taking healthier strides and making the right decisions when it comes to what we’re putting in our body.

Important Food Label Changes That’ll Affect Your Purchasing Decisions

Larger Display of Calorie Count

Your food labels will now require a larger and bolder display of the calorie count making it more prominent for consumers to consume.

Sugar Added

sugar cube spoon table

Manufactures will now have to list the amount of added sugar present in the foods. Consuming more than 10% of your total daily calorie from added sugar can poorly affect your health. By making sugar added more prominent it will make it clearer which foods are packed with added sugars so that you can avoid eating them in excess.

Clarity on Serving Size

“Package size affects what people eat” – FDA

Food labels now require providing clearer definition of serving size. They will now explain serving size to suit the average person. These specifications must to be in a bold font.

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Improved Nutrition Lists

Manufacturers will now be required to mention the amount of potassium and Vitamin D in your foods while cutting out Vitamins A and C. According to FDA, vitamin A and C deficiencies are rarer these days, and thus do not require to be mentioned. This will allow for customers to understand total nutrition consumption as per their daily diet.

Types of Fat

The type of fat you consume is more important than the amount of fat consumed. So the ‘calories from fat’ do not need to be mentioned; while ‘Total Fat’, ‘Saturated Fat’ and ‘Trans Fat’ need to be listed on the labels.

Most manufacturers have two years to make the changes to the existing labels, while smaller manufacturers with less than $10 million in sales have another year to do so. Moving forward ensure you’re making a conscious effort to read the food labels when you’re grocery shopping to make healthier choices for you and your family.

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