Famous Hikers And Their Most Challenging Conquests

Famous Hikers And Their Most Challenging Conquests

Hiking combines our love for being active with our desire to be adventurous and discover new places. In our previous blogs, we explored the benefits of hiking and some of the world’s best destinations to take a hike. Pun unintended!

In this blog, we’ll take a deeper look into hiking through the eyes of famous hikers and their travel diaries. Those who throughout their lives have explored some of the most exquisite, scary, rare and beautiful hiking trails in the world.

Excursions That Made History

With hiking the most important factors are your enthusiasm and the ability to deal with tough situations. These famous hikers have experienced it all and gotten through some of the toughest situations. Here are some of their stories!

Jim Whittaker and the Everest Base Camp

Famous American mountaineer Jim Whittaker has deemed Everest Base Camp in Nepal as his most cherished hiking experience and destination. While it was one of his greatest accomplishments he also talks about how his venture up the tallest mountain in the world was one of the most intimidating experiences.

As the first American to summit Mount Everest, Whittaker said that the whole ambiance was how “nature intended it to be.” After extreme training Whittaker along with a large group of men, who he refers to as his “army”, tackled the 185 mile hiking expedition in the year of 1963. According to Jim, the funniest bit was when he reached the top and realized he needed to get back down!

Throughout the journey they encountered deadly winds, frost bite, falling ice, numbness of the feet and much more. It was nothing short of an apocalyptic movie. Although there were hardships it was the determination that kept them all going and when he looks back at the experience he remembers it as nothing short of “incredible.”

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Kevin Grange and the Snowman Trek in Bhutan

Kevin Grange—an award winning author and journalist— wrote about one of the toughest hikes in the world, the Snowman Trek located in Bhutan. A seeker for adventure, Grange has conveyed the beauty and serenity of Bhutan’s landscapes—one of the most remote valleys of the country. With six mountains, spread over a range of 7000 meters, this was not only his favorite 25-day hiking memory but also the most challenging one.

kevin grange and the snowman trek in bhutan

Photo Credit: www.worldexpeditions.com

Beginning from climbing the highest peak in Bhutan—Jhomolhari, which measures 7314 meters – he had the fortune to witness the ancient culture of the country. He hiked past monasteries, Buddhist art and carvings that have been there for centuries. The trail lead through high altitude mountains, forests, the Himalayan blue sheep, and the rocky ranges. The beauty of this hike was breathtaking and he’ll always remember it as the most difficult.

Jonathon Waterman and the Franconia Ridge Loop in New Hampshire

Famous author, photographer and adventurer Jonathon Waterman has spoken about one of his favorite hiking trails in New Hampshire—the Franconia Ridge Loop. Describing it as a “steep, scary but worthwhile” experience. The trail is extremely narrow and one needs to be very careful while hiking as one distraction, one slip, can cause you to fall into the oblivion’s curse and bid the world goodbye!

With determination and patience you can reach the top of the hiking trail, where you witness the sight of an alpine world which is both surreal and breathtaking.

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johnathon waterman and the franconia ridge loop in new hampshire

Photo Credit: www.everytrail.com

These famous hikers trained and prepared for these unreal and extreme journeys. They experienced both pain and pleasure throughout these experiences. Hiking is most definitely challenging but also an extremely rewarding sport.

What’s your favorite or most challenging hike you’ve ever done? Share your comments and photos below!

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