Exciting New Feature: MVPs Create Community Challenges

Exciting New Feature: MVPs Create Community Challenges

Since inception, Matchup’s goal to help people stay active has allowed users the ability to join (public) or create (private) challenges based on their preference. If you haven’t noticed by now, we couldn’t be bigger believers in the importance of group accountability for health success. (Check out Tip #4 on 8 Social Psychology Hacks for Fitness Motivation).

Throughout our conversations with users, however, we noticed a recurring concern associated with our public challenges.

Users were extremely disappointed with the types of players that they were playing with. Why? Stepping with someone outside of your average step range just isn’t fun.

For low/moderate steppers, being in a challenge with a super stepper is often discouraging — and at times, even demoralizing. Super steppers may end up surpassing the rest of their peers in a challenge by a significant number of steps, which makes it impossible for other players to feel a sense of fairness or accomplishment in reaching the group’s step goals. Highly competitive steppers, on the other hand, tend to feel a lack of competitive edge with players stepping below their average step range.

With the objective to strengthen group accountability and success, we’re excited to release a new feature, which allows our MVPs to create and host public challenges of their own. We’re calling theseCommunity Challenges, emphasizing the community-led role of our MVPs and their contribution to the greater Matchup ecosystem. Check out the new Community Challenge page!


Matchup MVPs will be given permission to act as the host of a community (public) challenge they create. All community challenges will have a step range that is selected by the host (MVP).

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Note: step ranges will only be available for public community challenges.

All public community challenges will be restricted for players who fall within the step range of the challenge they are trying to join. Restrictions are classified by the user’s past 30-day step average.

Matchup community challenges

To recap, the new feature includes the following:

  • MVPs act as hosts of community public challenges.
  • Users need to receive permission to become an MVP and create community public challenges.
  • When creating a community challenge, MVPs are allowed to input a step range with thresholds (minimum and maximum steps).
  • All community challenges created by MVPs are automatically made public.
  • Users will be restricted on community challenges they can join based on their recent step average.
  • Hosts will have the ability to edit thresholds for pending community challenges.
  • Challenges will be displayed for users based on their recent step average.
  • Thresholds are only available for public challenges.
  • Hosts cannot create a challenge and remove themselves as a player.
  • To invite users to the public challenge, hosts and players can share the associated link.

Interested in hosting your own community challenge? Want to become an MVP? See How To Become an MVP.

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