The Equation for Keeping Happy and Healthy Employees

The Equation for Keeping Happy and Healthy Employees

Your employees are and will always be your greatest competitive advantage. Without them you couldn’t sell your product, keep your clients happy or make your well oiled machine run. So it’s important you keep them happy and healthy employees. If you want to retain the best, you will need to create an environment that makes them look forward to their day ahead at office. You need to keep them motivated and involved. A hike in salary, bonuses, and perks are always great,  but there’s limited availability in these areas. So how do you keep happy and healthy employees? Simple, follow this equation.

Keep your Employees Happy & Healthy

Encourage Work-Life Balance

Strictly focusing on your company’s goals can only last so long. Burnout is real. You need to keep your employees in tip top shape. Remember, the success of your company is a cumulative team effort. Bring about a positive atmosphere at the workplace. Encourage your teammates to have a social life beyond the paperwork and the their laptop screens.

Stress the Importance of Health

We have become so involved with our work life that we often tend to neglect our health. This is not okay! Make health a priority at your company by starting a workplace wellness initiative or offering a free gym membership! Motivate your teammates to eat healthy and exercise. A healthy body and mind is the key to happy living. Encourage your executive board to get on the bandwagon too. Stridekick initiatives that have shown interest from execs has encouraged and increased participation from employees.

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Employee Engagement

In most companies, people work in teams. Ensure there is healthy interaction between team members; that they can rely on each other, and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses – this guarantees better performance.

Fun at Work

All work and no play never really pans out right. Make work fun-filled. Team lunches and mini vacays with the team are great starters. Organize games once in awhile. Celebrate birthdays and achievements. Have potluck parties. Make occasions like Christmas extra special with decorations, games and gifts. These activities help lighten the mood and make your employees want to put in more effort to the work they do every day.

Make sure Everyone Hits their KPIs

When the goals of each employee are determined in terms of a Key Performance Indicator (KPI), it helps align the employee performance with the success of the organization. It is a critical link between an employee and the company. Setting these goals and ensuring everyone hits the KPIs, is crucial for the benefit of the individual as well as the organization. If an employee is struggling to reach their KPI make sure to take the time to see what’s going on. Offer ways to help and get them back on track!

Rewards and Recognitions

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first”- Simon Sinek

Personally appreciate your employees for the effort they make to get your business to run smoothly. A pat on the back with a simple smile is often enough. Time and again show appreciation on a bigger platform.

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Acknowledge capable employees with rewards or certificates; give them dinner coupons, a day off or shoutout in your company newsletter. There are a plethora of ways to incentivize your employees how much you care, without having to spend a dime.

Prioritize their Opinion

Make sure your employees know where their careers are heading. If an employee is unsure of his/her future in your organization, they are likely to feel stagnated, and leave soon.

Engage your employees in regular trainings, talk to them about their long term goals and how your organization could help achieve the same. Involve them in decision making; their opinions matters! Have regular surveys to see what your employees really feel working for your organization. The more feedback you get from your current employees the better you can understand their needs and fulfill them.

Healthy and happy employees help to make a better, more productive and efficient work environment for everyone. You’ll retain your current employees, attract successful new talent and keep your business running smoothly!

What factors do you believe help to maintain happy and healthy employees?

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