Engaging Millennials in Wellness – Everything You Need to Know

Engaging Millennials in Wellness – Everything You Need to Know

There’s a change happening in wellness. It’s less about health evaluations for price reductions and more about engaging your workforce and giving them the tools that can help them to lead healthier lives. Companies are letting go of traditional beliefs and moving forward with a strategy around health that will attract, retain and engage their evolving workforce.

What motivates millennials? What keeps them engaged in the workplace? How can you encourage and retain them to become stronger in their field and grow in your company?

Make their experience valuable and fun

Millennials want to feel valued and know that their employers have their best interests in mind. They not only want to obtain the opportunity to continuously learn and grow, but they also need a workplace that will keep them on their toes, value their health, keep them engaged and give them a reason to be excited to be at work.

Team-based competitions and non-technical trainings are important to set a healthy work culture and boost better team work. This may sound like a lot; but not when your business-critical employees, the millennials, crave a deep sense of connection and belonging.

Evolving role of wellness initiatives

One key way to address all of these needs is through evolving your wellness initiatives. You’re not only connecting individuals on a deeper level but also showing them how much you value their well being.

Wellness is a constant process of evolving and self-improvement directed towards achieving full potential.

Being “healthy” isn’t just about activity and nutrition anymore. These are our building blocks; but your mental and emotional well-being need to be taken into consideration as well.

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Key factors to a successful wellness initiative for millennials

Wellness initiatives are so much more than “summer step challenges”. Make these key adjustments to your wellness programs to make sure you’re catering to your millennials and their evolving needs.

Make wellness a part of culture

Get the entire company on board. From your president to junior employees, everyone needs to join in. When your top management shows they care, then it really shows how much your employees’ health matters.


Health matters

The millennials have shown poor health habits. They lack adequate nutrition and as a result often develop obesity. Desk based activities such as computer and video gaming have taken over outdoor activities. All these factors, coupled with increasing desk jobs, indicate the deteriorating health of this generation.

Make it social

Millennials are looking for fun and social ways to connect with new and old friends and coworkers. They turn to their peers for accountability and encouragement – give them ample opportunity to explore. Stridekick‘s fun social platform helps to build culture both in the office and for remote employees.

Recognition is important

It is not always about the size of an award. Incentives need to have mental and emotional factors when it comes to millennials. They value appreciation, regular pat on the back, friendly competitions, public recognitions; well, who doesn’t want to be rewarded for their hard work!

Gear up

Phones, tablets, laptops, fitness trackers – you name it they own it. And it’s more or less become a trend to obsessively use them every day. Technology is a key component to engaging your millennials. The digital world is their space. So bring it to where they feel comfortable and where they spend most of their time.

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Make it easily accessible

Bring your program right in front of your employees. What are millennials consistently on? Their phones, of course! Use a platform that has a mobile app for easy engagement. A social fitness app, such as Stridekick, should do the trick.

Make sure you’re engaging your millennial workforce in wellness. Gear up and make the changes today!

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