6 Things Employees Want From Their Wellness Program

6 Things Employees Want From Their Wellness Program

The strong connection between health and productivity has been proven time and time again through various studies. For instance the Health Enhancement Research Organization found that employees who ate healthy were 25 percent more likely to have higher job performance. According to a Quantum Workplace report, healthy employees were 18 percent more engaged when allowed time for healthy activities and 10 percent more engaged when provided healthy food options.

Now we know why employers invest so much in workplace wellness programs. They’re the key to healthy and happy employees. However, studies have found that even as employee wellness programs are becoming increasingly popular, only 40 percent employees are actively taking part. And for this we must question, why? Why aren’t employees participating and how do we get everyone one board?

What Employees Want from their Wellness Program

To answer this question we must ask what exactly employees want and need from a wellness program. Expectations don’t seem to be matching up between employer and employee. Let’s take a look.

A Culture of Wellness.

So your wellness program asks your employees to eat healthy, stay active and be productive. But your Exec team isn’t on board, your cafeteria and vending machines are stocked with cheap and unhealthy carbonated drinks and health does not seem of the upmost importance for anyone.  It seems there’s an obvious misconception. Researchers from Emory University, who published a review of workplace wellness studies in the Journal Of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, suggest that companies should practice a culture that supports their wellness program. Get your top dogs onboard,  providing healthy, affordable, clearly-labeled and tasty food in their cafeterias, and encourage engagement by sharing goals!

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Encouragement and Motivation to Move

Anyone who has tried to keep up with a fitness or wellness program would attest on the importance of staying motivated. Employers need to make an effort to endlessly encourage, in a variety of ways, their work force to do their best. Try showcasing success stories, fun team healthy activities and sharing articles that will coach employees to live a healthy lifestyle. Keep the motivation up and they’ll be in it for the long haul!


One wellness program will not fit all your employees as their bodies are different and so are their fitness levels. Design programs that would keep a marathoner, a newbie, and everyone in between engaged. Challenge them, within reason, to work towards their health goals. With Stridekick you can separate your group by step level to encourage movement on an even playing field.



Wellness programs that involve tech always add a bit of flare. Track progress in real time keeps individuals engaged and motivated to keep moving. According to a survey by The Workforce Institute, 73 percent of the 9,000 surveyed across eight countries felt that wearable technology could be beneficial to wellness programs. A wearable device serves as a reminder to employees about their wellness goals, make it easier to measure their performance and keeps them informed about their progress.


While some are driven by mere progress others need a little more to keep them motivated. Rewards and incentives are a great way to recognize those who are truly working hard to reach their goals. Whether you have a budget or not, there is a prize for every participant.  Many companies already practice a ‘tiered’ incentive program in which they provide bonuses, gift cards, merchandise, paid time off or even money for staying healthy or trying to get healthier.

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The key? Listen to what your employees want. Understand that they want to take part in programs that seem realistic and practical. Focus on providing them with a healthy company culture in order to foster their wellness and improve their productivity.

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