Easy Ways to Make it a Healthy Holiday Season

Easy Ways to Make it a Healthy Holiday Season

With the rush of the holidays, it can be tempting to put off all efforts toward good health until Jan. 1. Who wants to think about eating healthfully and exercising when delicious seasonal treats are all around, and the season’s first cold and snow is settling in outside?

And while there’s nothing wrong with planning to start 2017 off on a healthy foot, it’s also imperative not to throw in the towel now just because the going is tough. Why dig yourself a bigger hole to climb out of?

But, knowing that everyone is strapped for time and at maximum stress levels this time of year, December might not be the best time to unveil a total-health reset plan, either. So what to do? Employ a few tried-and-true strategies for your best health, with little time and effort required.

Make it a Healthy Holiday Season with These Top Tips

Have a Plan B.

Blogger Steve from NerdFitness suggests that when you’re at your busiest, keep a few at-home workouts and healthy freezer meals on hand. Maybe a YouTube yoga video isn’t as tough as a HIIT workout at the gym, but when time and resources are stretched, something – the Plan B – is certainly better than nothing.

When there’s no time to grocery shop, much less cook, having healthy staples on hand that are really, really easy to make will keep you on track with your diet with Chinese delivery is calling your name.

Remember, every little bit counts.

In the same vein as your fitness Plan B, remembering that a few push-ups and some stretching in the morning, taking the stairs at the mall, or forgoing just one dessert from the office breakroom will all help you get closer to your goals.


Don’t go two in a row.

NerdFitness also suggests that if you had a holiday feast last night, have a healthy breakfast in the morning. If you slept through the gym yesterday morning (thanks to too much egg nog perhaps), get to the gym today. By not letting two days go by with bad habits, you’re less likely to lose all motivation until the New Year.

Stick with water.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, even when it’s cold. Your winter-dried skin will thank you, plus ample water intake helps slow your consumption of higher-calorie beverages and even unneeded snacks.

Go outside.

Even when it’s freezing, bundle up and get out there – especially if you can do so while the sun is up. You’ll feel invigorated in no time.


Eat winter-combating foods.

When you’re not jumping from holiday party to holiday party, load up on the nutritious eats known to combat winter health woes. There’s whole eggs and mushrooms for vitamin D; fatty fish, such as salmon, for mood-improving fatty acids, and leafy greens to keep your immune system humming.

Say “yes” – and no.

Sometimes, the best way to soothe stress is to spend time with those that you love. So even when it might be easier to stay home on the couch, getting out to socialize can help combat cold-weather loneliness and make you happier.

But when it’s an activity you know will unnecessarily drain you emotionally, it’s OK to say no, too.

Take time to unwind.

This December, don’t forget your self-care rituals – whether it’s something as simple as a few deep breaths, a yoga class, a few minute of reading for fun, or a whiff of your favorite holiday scent. Prioritize what makes you feel your best to end 2016 on a healthy foot.

What do you do to ensure a healthy holiday season?

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