Compete in Step Challenges Using Your iPhone or Apple Watch

Compete in Step Challenges Using Your iPhone or Apple Watch

Matchup is happy to announce that you can now join your friends in competing in fun fitness challenges using your iPhone 5s + or Apple Watch.

What Does This Mean?

Our latest integration with Apple Watch (via HealthKit) and your iPhone (via the built-in pedometer) means that you no longer need a fitness tracker to use Matchup! Who even knew you had a fitness tracker already on your phone? If you have an iPhone 5s (or newer) or the Apple Watch, you can now compete in different step challenges with your friends and the Matchup community.

Join in on a journey challenge around one of your favorite destinations or get competitive and participate in a head to head challenge, which is orchestrated like a fantasy football league! There are so many options for you to enjoy while getting and staying active!

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Mobile and/or Web Connection

Don’t worry existing steppers, this changes nothing for you. We still integrate with FitBit, Jawbone, Withings, Garmin, Misfit, and the Moves App.

Whether you are switching devices or signing up for your first account, in order to connect to your iPhone or Apple Watch, it is important you use the mobile app. However, once you connect with through the mobile app, you’ll still be able to login through the Matchup website and track all your steps and challenges with your new device connection.

Expanding our Reach

The team at Matchup is always looking for ways to increase our reach.  Our biggest barrier is finding new ways for users to seamlessly get step data from wearables/trackers/pedometers to the Matchup service. Fitbit users represent our largest user base to date, they also make up around 80% of overall sales for Fitness Trackers. According to their S1 filing, they’ve sold roughly 20 million units to date. By contrast, Apple Watch is projected to sell 45 million units in its first 18 months. However, the biggest player will be the built-in pedometer on iPhone 5s and newer.  With 350 million units sold between the 5s, 6 and 6 plus to date, the potential reach dwarfs all others combined.

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Getting Started

For those of you looking to switch from your current device to your iPhone 5s+ or Apple Watch, follow these simple steps on our Help Center.

If you’re new to Matchup and plan to connect via iPhone 5s+ or Apple Watch follow these steps to get started.

Please reach out on our community board if you have any questions, comments or tips. We hope you are just as excited as we are! We encourage and look forward to hearing your feedback. Share the love with your friends and help us expand our ever-evolving and amazing Matchup community!

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Matchup has some awesome things in store for you in the near future, so, as always, keep your eyes peeled and get moving!

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