Changing Your Mindset to Improve Your Health

Changing Your Mindset to Improve Your Health

Did you know less than half of people report keeping their new year’s resolutions longer than six months — and the number drops to a third if the resolution concerns weight? This, according to a report on

Perhaps some of this failure to meet goals comes down to the concept of resolutions themselves, Ellie Burke recently wrote on, a resource and platform for nonprofits. Instead of resolving to do one thing, it’s a change in mindset that really matters, she says — along with some suggestions on turning your next year into a “year of yes.”

So instead of making another round of resolutions, this year, change your thinking. You’re not creating a white-knuckled list of rules you must follow to become healthier, shift to a mindset that you are a person who is health-conscious, and who knows the impact your decisions have on your health.

You can start small — focusing on the little choices and habits and working your way up to a consistent lifestyle overall, Burke says.

As another example, instead of resolving to enjoy life more, you can shift your mindset to make time for joy. With this mindset, you can actively consider what makes you happy, and arrange your schedule to maximize these happiness-boosting activities.

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This applies to fitness, too. When you are a person who has a mindset that you are an exerciser — because you know it’s good for you, because it relieves stress, because you’ve found an activity you truly love — the small setbacks won’t derail your fitness journey.

If you miss a workout today (that’s life), it’s OK because with the mindset of an exerciser, you’ll take the stairs instead of the elevator, or take your dog for an extra-long walk, or do some air squats in between meetings — or just block a hard-and-fast time in your schedule to get to the gym tomorrow. You’ll make movement happen because that’s just the mindset you use.

When it concerns overcoming roadblocks to success in 2017, as trainer Kathleen Trotter writes for The Huffington Post, “Usually the solution is a change of mindset; it is only after a mindset change that behavioral changes can occur.

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