Change the Way You Think About Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Change the Way You Think About Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Myth 1

No one in my family has ever had breast or ovarian cancer; I’m in the clear.

The truth is 75% of breast and ovarian cancers occur in women who are at average risk with no prior family history of these diseases. 50% of people with a BRCA gene mutation have no family history of breast and ovarian cancer.

Myth 2

I’m too young to get breast or ovarian cancer; I’ll think about it later.

  • Establishing healthy lifestyle habits while in our 20s and 30s is crucial for reducing the risk for breast and ovarian cancer in the future. Exercising, limiting fat intake, and maintaining a healthy bodyweight are all ways you can reduce your risk for these diseases.

Myth 3

I tested negative for a gene mutation, so I’m not at risk.

  • Back to the numbers on this one: Only 10-15% of cancers are inherited. Which means, the rest come from a variety of sources outside of your family health history–which is why being proactive is vital for all women.

Myth 4

My dad’s family history isn’t as important as my mom’s.

  • Men can also carry and pass on genetic mutations that greatly increase breast and ovarian cancer risk. Therefore, collecting family health histories from both sides of your family is crucial on your journey for education and prevention.

Myth 5

I probably can’t afford genetic testing/ I doubt my insurance covers genetic testing.

  • Many health insurance plans cover testing with little to no out of pocket expenses. For those who are uninsured, there are financial assistance programs or low-cost options for women who want to bypass insurance all together. In short, don’t let cost be a barrier between you and genetic testing!
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Bright Pink recently debuted an informational “one-stop-shop” demystifying the genetic testing process to ensure that all women feel informed and empowered to make a thoughtful supported decision when it comes to cancer genetic testing. Learn more at!

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