Celebrity Fitness Tracker Matchup

Celebrity Fitness Tracker Matchup

If celebrities are anything like the average person, they probably spend a good amount of time thinking about their health and wellness–just like we do. But have you ever wondered what types of fitness trackers some of your favorite celebrities would go crazy over?

We definitely have! That’s why we’re playing Celebrity Fitness Tracker Matchup to see which health monitors would best suit the interests and lifestyles of some of today’s hottest celebrities.


Mindy Kaling


Image from Crown Publishing Group.

Funny leading lady, Mindy Kaling of The Mindy Project, shared her mishaps wearing fitness tracker, Fitbit, which led to her short relationship with wearable technology.  

Mindy, we feel you here! Whether strategically clipped in your pant pocket–or like Kaling, in your bra–it’s hard to remember to take your device off before throwing your clothes into the wash. That said, maybe the Fitbit Zip or One isn’t the best “fit” for her. Given Kaling’s bold taste in fashion, we’re guessing that the wide variety of colorful options provided by Jawbone UPmove might be more easily noticeable, bright, color-coordinated, and wrist-bound.


Image from atomlabor.de.



Shaquille O’Neil, the former NBA star and self-proclaimed tech geek, is apparently a huge Fitbit fan. The beloved celebrity athlete is just as passionate about healthy living as he is about digital technology–and why he’s involved in initiatives such as the World Economic Forum’s Voice of Leaders campaign.

While Shaq shows his appreciation for his Fitbit device, it certainly sounds like he can’t wait to get his hands on the Apple Watch. The smartwatch, containing more bells and whistles than it’s mobile counterparts, is certainly on every consumer’s wishlist. To Apple Watch or not to Apple Watch…? That’s seemingly an easy one to answer for Shaq. 


Laverne Cox


Image from queermeup.com

Laverne Cox, of the hit series Orange is the New Black, is electrifying both on and off screen. She is a goddess of style, which makes us feel inclined to think Cox might be sporting something more fashion forward and ahead of our time. So we wouldn’t be surprised if Cox was into the up and coming Kickstarter wearables, including a heart-monitoring and calorie-counting pair of earrings! That’s right, you heard me, earrings.

Cox has admitted that she should put more work into staying fit and healthy, so we think this pair of activity-tracking gold earrings might just be the best accessory she needs to manage her health.


Image from Ear-O-Smart

Meryl Streep


Image from Into The Woods Trailer

This holiday season, Meryl Streep will be playing The Witch in this Christmas’ highly anticipated musical-turned-movie, Into the Woods, where fans young and old will be able to enjoy veteran actress’ incredible acting (and singing!) skills.

Streep also recently accepted the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama for her passionate advocacy and contributions to numerous charities.

At the age of 60, it’s no surprise that Streep looks as great as she does. The avid swimmer gets up to 55 laps in the pool. We’re willing to bet that if she sported a fitness device, it would probably be a sleek-as-Streep Misfit Shine, which, when attached to your ankle, provides an accurate record of swimming intensity. But, would you try a Side-by-Side Challenge with the illustrious actress?


Image from Misfit.com. 

Beyoncé & Jay Z

Beyonce’s dancing is enough to keep her in shape, and Jay Z has got to keep up–not just with Queen Bey, but with their heiress Blue Ivy. 

It’s been said that Jay Z is so often on the go, whether speaking or performing, that he rarely has time to go to the gym but manages to squeeze in laps up and down the stairs!

What type of fitness monitor would suit Hollywood’s royal couple?

Tory Burch is the first of a small handful of high-end designers launching sports trackers and device accessories with an eye for fashion and beautiful design. With an embedded Fitbit tracker, the Tory Burch bracelet or pendant necklace would naturally suit Beyonce’s modern and fashionable taste while monitoring her active lifestyle.

Jay Z knows his luxury brands, as you might have heard from his music. Louis Vuitton is one of them. If the music industry’s most powerful couple chose to wear matching couple devices, it would make perfect sense for Jay and Bey to be sporting the foreseeable high-end smartwatches


Image from phillymag.com.

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