Celebrities Who Love Fitness Trackers

Celebrities Who Love Fitness Trackers

Now that wearable tech is falling onto the wrists of millions of consumers, we have to wonder which celebrities are helping move fitness wearables from early adoption to mainstream streetwear, helping elevate fitness tracking devices and smart watches to trendsetter status.

The verdict’s still out on how cool calorie-counting trackers are to, say, the average teenager. But let’s be real, if Beyonce’s spotted courtside wearing a cell phone-charging varsity jacket or, Victoria’s Secret models like Candice Swanepoel are sporting an Apple Watch on the cover of a magazine, you better believe the multitudes of fans will be following in close suit looking to do the same.


Beyonce in Opening Ceremony varsity jacket


Candice Swanepoel on SELF Magazine

Turns out, there are lots of celebrities who love fitness trackers that are sporting them even before the Apple Watch has even turned up on everyone’s radar.

Adrian Grenier

The Entourage star prefers the Misfit Shine and its sleek, minimal styling.


Britney Spears

The pop star goes matchy-matchy with her pink Fitbit, complementing her summery top in the same hue.


Christina Applegate

Former child star and celebrity health activist, Christina Applegate, opts for the super chic Tory Birch Fitbit while speaking at an event.


Maria Menounos

Actress and TV journalist, Maria Menounos, has been regularly spotted with her Fitbit – whether working out or attending various events around Hollywood.



We mentioned this earlier, but we love that Shaq’s a Fitbit fan and just as excited as we are about the Apple Watch!


Richard Branson

The jet-setting entrepreneur and billionaire surprised us by going with the low-key Garmin Vivofit.

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Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa shows off her toned physique with her Fitbit. We need to get on whatever workout plan she’s doing just to flaunt biceps as flawless as hers.


Gwyneth Paltrow

The Oscar-award winning actress stays stylish by complementing her outfit with a pretty blue Jawbone UP band.


Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds, like his Hollywood peers, opts for a colorful Fitbit band while out and about with his adorable pooch.


Star Jones

The View’s talk show host manages to keep her elegant red look on point with a matching red Fitbit.


Stephen Colbert

The late night talk show host keeps his look edgy and interesting (and unique to his celebrity peers) by choosing the Pebble watch.


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