Celebrate National Running Day with Unique Journeys

Celebrate National Running Day with Unique Journeys

The first Wednesday in June every year marks National Running Day. It’s the day for individuals to celebrate their love for running. Whether you’re an avid runner or jog on occasion, we encourage you to get outside tomorrow and celebrate this national holiday (and what a great excuse to push yourself and increase your step count).

Special Matchup Running Day Challenges

To help celebrate, Matchup has created 3 special challenges in which you can participate! Each journey is unique in it’s length and location.

For serious runners interested in participating in a full 26.2 mile challenge, we suggest joining the NYC Marathon Challenge. Follow the virtual journey of the actual NYC marathon route and receive the marathon badge if completed within the day.

nyc marathon badge

join nyc challenge

The second challenge you can join is the 13.1mile Chicago Half Marathon. Follow the half marathon route around the beautiful city of Chicago and win this special badge.

chicago half marathon badge

join chicago marathon

For a more moderate challenge, try the Jackal Trail run. Follow the South African Jackal Trail for 8k and add this unique badge to your collection.

jackal trail run

jackal trail journey

National running day is a holiday in which health, wellness, and getting active is promoted. There are many different reasons as to why individuals are passionate about running and tomorrow is the day in which you can celebrate with unique challenges and exclusive badges.

Tell us which challenge you’re most excited to run or jog in the comments below!

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