Benefits To Fitness Trackers At Work

Benefits To Fitness Trackers At Work

With the ever increasing cost of health insurance in this country it is more and more apparent to companies to try and achieve a lower bill at the end of each month. The good news is that the new wave of wearable technology provides and interesting and effective way to decrease costs while also increasing employee engagement and overall health.

  1. The most obvious benefit is that your company overall will have a more healthy and vibrant workforce due to increased levels of exercise. These fitness trackers provide an easy way for your employee to track their steps and activity levels day to day. When you pair that with an interesting corporate wellness program such as a competition between employees, they are held more accountable when it comes to reaching their fitness goals.
  2. Healthy people are more confident and creative overall. If you are looking for an easy way to improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace, the new found positive health gains of your employees will yield clear minded positive employees with the confidence to achieve goals within the workplace.
  3. Happier employees create a happier workplace. It cannot be more simple than that, and I can tell you first hand that if I reach my daily step goals during the day I am a much happier person to be around in the office. This directly contributes to the culture that every company is attempting to strive for.
  4. If everyone in the company can relate to one thing you create a more engaged workforce. With everyone having a fitness tracker you allow your employees to interact with a common interest; pair that with say a company-wide step competition on Matchup, employees have an opportunity to compete and motivate one another while also achieving their own fitness goals. Plus, you will have a very good outlook on the habits and health of your company as a whole.
  5. Last and most important to most companies is the cost savings that will take place when having truly healthy employees. Studies show that for every dollar spent on wellness programs within a company, the company yields on average $3.27 in return. Use a fitness tracker on every employee to set a goal that they have to meet each month or create a health scorecard based on their performance in which they have to achieve a certain level and if reached, they will receive money off of their health insurance or other incentives along those lines. You would be surprised at the level of fitness your employees will reach after an incentive to be healthy is put in front of them.
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If you are interested in learning more about setting up a fitness tracker wellness program in your office feel free to contact us at for more information regarding features and prices available to meet your needs!


If you want to see fitness trackers in your office let us know! Put us in contact with your companies wellness/HR people and we will let them know what it takes to make it happen!

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