Become Your Best Self – New Year’s Challenge

Become Your Best Self – New Year’s Challenge

The new year is only days away. This year seems to have passed in a blink of an eye, but doesn’t it always. With such busy lives it’s hard to prioritize your health. We all struggle with this.

Because of the struggle, each new year seems to come with a set of New Year’s resolutions, such as goals to be healthier, more active or lose weight. But just like any other time during the year, it’s hard to prioritize these goals. The new year holds high expectations yet most resolutions are given up on before February even starts.

This year will be different.

We talk about healthy living all the time and making the necessary healthy changes to your lifestyle to be the best version of yourself. This is done through small and steady lifestyle changes. Which is why we’ve created the Become Your Best Self Challenge. Start your new year with your best foot forward and challenge yourself to swap unhealthy habits for healthy ones. Replacing smoking with an e-cigarette would be a good start if you’re looking for a modern alternative to the wildly unhealthy cigarette.

Take a fresh approach into 2016 by taking a deeper look at your fitness tracker data and day-to-day lives to see areas where you’d like to see improvement. Recognize trends, patterns, and gaps in your activity with the help of your Matchup Insights. Once you’ve pinpointed what you’re looking to work on, challenge yourself to take the steps necessary to changing this behavior!

Throughout the challenge we want you to share your New Year’s goals on the message board. You’ve got the Matchup community to help you stay accountable and make sure you’re doing everything it takes to beat your challenges! The Matchup team will be sharing their own personal goals and we hope you will too!

I tend to _________________. Therefore, I challenge myself to____________________.

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Examples of New Year Challenges:

  • I tend to have my lowest step days on Sundays. Therefore, I challenge myself to walking all my errands on Sundays instead of driving.
  • I tend to eat unhealthy over the weekends. Therefore, I challenge myself to only eat out one night a weekend and cook every meal.
  • I tend to skip working out because I’m tired of the usual routine. Therefore, I challenge myself to take a new class everyday.
  • I tend to skip working out all together because I’m tired after work. Therefore, I challenge myself to workout in the morning twice a week!

Whatever the personal challenge may be, make sure you’re starting your new year strong.

We are excited to use our newest challenge mode for this challenge: Target Mode. Target mode sets a personal step goal for the entire duration of the challenge. For this challenge, you’ll have two full weeks to meet your target step goal with a suggested target pace each day; this pace is a guide that gives you an idea of the steps you need to hit each day to reach your goal in time. In this challenge mode, bad days don’t have to be your downfall. Didn’t reach your daily pace to achieve your target? Step it up tomorrow. Although it’s best if you hit your step goal each day. Set a target, and hit it! The best possible outcome? A bullseye!

[This mode is currently only available for Matchup sponsored and client challenges until around February. We’ll keep you posted!]

The challenge will be separated into 4 different step ranges. There will be four different individuals chosen, one from each step range, to win an awesome prize. Users who meet their target at the end of the challenge will be entered to win a box of RxBar protein bars! This challenge is sponsored by RxBar, a company dedicated to living and eating healthy! Join your challenge in the your step range below!

0-7K Steps

join the become your best self challenge 0-7k

7-14k Steps

join the become your best self challenge 7-14k

14-21K Steps

join the become your best self challenge 14-21

21K + Steps

join become your best self challenge 21+

CHALLENGE yourself to break your bad habits and make the changes to be your best self in the year ahead! The challenge will begin on January 4th and will end on the 17th.

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