66 Audio Bluetooth Sport Headphones- Should you Give Them a Try?

66 Audio Bluetooth Sport Headphones- Should you Give Them a Try?

No longer are the days of untangling your headphones or ripping your earbuds out when you’re running- thank goodness. Bluetooth headphones have made all the difference when it comes to your everyday lifestyle. Working, running or watching Netflix- there isn’t much that can’t benefit from a bit of wireless listening.

We’re always on the lookout for awesome new tech to try out. We even love reading reviews from sites such as Buyersimpact.co.uk to help us make more informed decisions when purchasing new gadgets. So, as you can imagine, when we got the opportunity to give 66 Audio’s Bluetooth Sport Headphones a try we couldn’t pass it up.

Getting Started

Complete with headphones, charger and small transporting bag, everything you need is right at your fingertips for quick setup and easy listening. After a bit of charging, a quick glance through the manual and some coffee we were ready to jump into testing. Setup was simple. Turned the bluetooth on and headed to my iPhone settings to connect the 66 Audio BTS. Within seconds we were connected. If you’re looking for great deals on similar products, look for Wholesale Bluetooth Speakers. My friend got a great deal on some through wholesale.

66 audio bts bluetooth sport headphones travel case


The 66 Audio Bluetooth Sport Headphones have a variety of features beneficial for both athletes and the average everyday wearer. They’re small, sleek and high quality.

Control your music or take calls all from the click of a button. Your music listening capabilities include play, pause and skip forward or backward. Adjusting the volume is a huge plus. Having to reach into your pocket for your phone to adjust the volume can get hard especially when you’re on a run. It did take a bit of time to get used to where each command was located, but with time it became natural.

We were most impressed with the quality of music pumping out of these little headphones. The bass was high and all outside noises were canceled. The only issue was at times, stepping outside of a 22 ft radius with two walls in between caused a bit of scattered disconnect- but that seems expected.

Next we tested the calling function. Accepting and declining all from the tap of a button made calls much simpler than pulling out your phone and putting in my headphones.

The battery life was impressive. After about three times of charging, the avg. lasting charge length was about 22.5 hours of workout music, netflix watching and at work listening. Pretty incredible! When the battery gets low you’ll justh ave to plug the USB charger into your laptop or wall outlet to get fully juiced up.


When building a product design is one of the main key components. The outside appearance, the user experience and features can make or break a product. 66 Audio’s bluetooth sport headphones did a great job with all of the above.

The sleek black design with red highlighted features makes the product pop. They do protrude out a bit far causing some to call me Princess Leia- but that’s besides the point.

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bluetooth wirelss headhones bts sport

The wide neck band combined with soft headphone encasings led to a very comfortable and flexible fit. The headphones fit snug keeping movement low when in use. It could get caught in long hair, but when you’re working out you tend to tie it back anyways.

When we really put the headphones to the test we decided a run to the lake followed by short intervals on the steps would do the trick. They stayed in place the entire time despite the extreme movement and could stand the sweat.

These headphones are fantastic quality and withstood all testing. We’d give them an excellent review. The price for the quality is well worth it. Coming in at $59.99 we’d say it’s an investment you wouldn’t regret making. If you’re on the market for a pair of bluetooth wireless headphones you should most definitely give 66 Audio BTS Headphones a try.

We’re always on the lookout for new tech to try out! Interested in a product review? Email christina@stridekick.com.

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