App Update: Guide to New Layout and Navigation

App Update: Guide to New Layout and Navigation

We’re excited to share our newest app release with you. This update will allow us to push updates smoother, add new features faster and efficiently build an Android integration (which we know a lot of you have been patiently waiting for). Follow the guided walkthrough below to get acquainted with the changes and learn how to navigate smoothly through with the new app update.

Guide to Newest App Update

When you first log into the app you’ll notice a completely different layout. With the addition of top and bottom navigation bars, you’ll be able to move around the app quicker and more efficiently. The top navigation bar consists of your Fetch button, notifications and create/add buttons. While the four main bottom navigation tabs are challenges, newsfeed, friends and more.

app update new layout and navigations

The bottom navigation will always remain the same. You will toggle through these options depending on where you’d like to head in the app. The top navigation bar will remain consistent throughout the app, but will be contextual to the parent page it is on. What this means is that each top bar navigation item will have different actions depending on which bottom tab you are in. The Fetch button will always be located in the top left hand corner for you to manually pull in your steps from your device’s cloud.

With these additions you’ll be gliding around the app with ease. Whatever you need is only a click away!

Challenges Section

Your challenges section will now act as your “dashboard”. Under the “my challenges” tab you’ll be able to view your current step count along with all of your upcoming, started and completed challenges. Something new that we’ve added is the ability to view your previous day’s steps, distance and active minutes. Toggle the left and right arrows at the top of this section to view your activity for the past 30 days.

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matchup dashboard scroll dates

The challenge stats pages for each challenge type have been simplified and redesigned as well. Through the information icon in the right hand corner of each challenge you can view all of the challenge details including roster, start and end date, and rules. Pro tip: at any time you can click on a player’s avatar to view their profile– although you will need to be friends with this player to view their entire profile.

The challenge notifications will allow you to view challenge invitations or challenge join requests all in one place. You’ll also notice the messages icon in the right corner which let’s you view all of the challenge messages or post one of your own.

matchup update cahllenge notifications


Challenge Creation

The process for creating a challenge has been updated and simplified. Click the + in the top right hand corner of the challenges tab to create a new streak, journey, leaderboard or target challenge. What’s a target challenge, you may be wondering? It’s our newest challenge mode you’re bound to love. Learn more about it here.

Challenge Admin

We’ve also simplified our challenge admin capabilities. When hosting a challenge all you’ll have to do is go to the information icon and then the pencil icon to edit your challenge settings. Here you’ll be able to invite friends, manage your roster and review challenge join requests. With everything in one place you’ll be able spend more time playing and less time setting up and managing!

Community Challenges

challenge drop down app release

If you click the dropdown where it says “my challenges” you can choose the community challenges option. Come here to view all of the current community challenges created by Matchup and our community members. Whenever you’re looking to join a new challenge, this is where you’ll want to be!

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To the right of challenges is the newsfeed tab. Head here to stay up to date with friends and your Matchup community. To write a post you’ll click on the pencil and paper icon in the top right hand corner. Post an accomplishment, cheer on your friends or share an interesting article!

As always, you can also like and comment on any post in your newsfeed! Moving along your health journey is so much more fun and enjoyable when you have a supportive and encouraging community by your side. Connect with your Matchup community through your newsfeed to take your experience to the next level!


Connect with stepping allies in our growing health minded community and add them through your friends tab. All you have to do is click the + next to their name! The notifications icon in the top navigation bar will allow you to view friend requests. Another cool feature is the ability to view your friend’s daily, weekly, monthly and overall step counts. This will keep you motivated to do your best each day!


matchup more option navigation

The last section is your more tab. Here you can access your profile, edit your settings, change your device, see what version of Matchup you’re running and log out.

Navigating through the app and playing each day will be easier and quicker due to these improvements. There will be more changes and updates soon! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. We’d love to hear your feedback on the newest app update!

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