Announcing the “4 Week to a Healthier You Challenge”!

Announcing the “4 Week to a Healthier You Challenge”!

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For those of us in the northern hemisphere, summer is just around the corner.

The changing season means shedding winter layers in favor of skin-baring summer garb, perhaps providing an extra dose of exercise motivation. But warmer days — at least if you’re here in Chicago like us — can also mean letting fitness routines fall by the wayside in favor of lazy vacation days and fun evenings out with friends.

To help tackle these health challenges head-on, we’re announcing our first-ever Matchup-sponsored four-week challenge — complete with prizes!

We’ll kick things off this coming Monday, May 4th. Here’s what you need to know.


healthier you

We’ll focus on achieving better steps each week by incrementally increasing step goals. For example, steppers in the 0-8k daily challenge will have a goal to hit 3k daily steps on week 1, then 5k daily steps on week 2, 7k daily steps on week 3, etc.

We will organize the challenges with 3 different segments: low/moderate, high, and super steppers — so that everyone feels challenged based on their step range. Join a community challenge based on your average step range below.

For low/moderate steppers:

healthier you 0-8k daily

healthier you 8-15k

For high steppers:

healthier you 15-20k

healthier you 20-25k

For super steppers:

healthier you 25k+


Every week, there will also be one additional daily to-do to help you prioritize your health and wellness this season. Check the blog every Monday to discover the week’s new goal and see how well you do incorporating these healthy habits.

We’ll be commenting with our progress — and we want you to as well. (For more on what we’re up to,check out our team fitness commitments.)

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Anyone who joins the challenge and successfully hits each week’s step goals will receive a unique, limited time challenge badge.

The Matchup team has additional perks in the works for U.S. residents — including a special T-shirt for the “most encouraging” commenter (voted by the Matchup team) in each challenge segment.

And what we’ll ALL win is a little extra accountability and incentive to kick off the new season feeling strong.

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