Accessories for Your Favorite Wearable Devices

Accessories for Your Favorite Wearable Devices

If tech companies want women, millennials and teens to don — and stick with — wearable devices, the gadgets need both fashion and function. That’s why, it’s safe to say, we’ve seen a major shift from geek to chic in the wearable tech world — with a focus on fashion-forward devices like never before.

There are smart rings, necklaces and earrings. There’s the rise of smart apparel, from shirts down to socks and shoes. For existing devices, such as the more conventional smart wrist wear, there are now accessories to go with.

These do more than complete your outfit, there are also sneaky abilities hidden inside. Here’s a roundup of some devices to pair with your smartphone and wearables.

Smart Device Accessories You’ll Love

More Fashionable Fitbit Wear.

New York designer Public School announced an accessory line for the new-for-2016 Fitbit Alta. The device will slip into ultra-modern watch designs, according to press about the line, which is set to debut in the fall. This accessory is featured in the cover image. (h/t

Tory Burch Cases.

You can’t mention wearable tech accessories without Tory Burch, one of the first designers to announce a partnership with a tech brand. Tory Burch makes wrapped bracelets, bangles and pendant necklaces to stylishly incase your Fitbit. (, prices vary)

tory burch smart device accessory

Fitbit Skins that Change with the Season.

Custom your wristband with a Fitbit Skin — an adhesive sticker cut to fit your existing Fitbit case. You can choose from existing designs, or print a design or photo of your choosing (even a straight-from-Instagram image). A bonus: Skins are easy to change whenever the mood strikes. (, starting at $8)

A Purse that Charges your Phone.

Say what!? This clutch looks like just that. But slip your smartphone inside, and you’ll get a zap of power, no outlet needed. The secret: the micro USB and iPhone hookups found inside. (Mighty Purse, $129.95)

products hdr mightypurse phone charging purse

A Hidden Payment Card.

U.K.-based chip payment system, Barclaycard or bPay, teamed up with fashion-forward Brit retailer TopShop last year to design accessories for your payment chip. With the contactless gadget inside, a swipe of your key ring, sticker, phone case or wristband is all it takes to charge your bank account and send you on your way. (h/t

A Convert Connector.

Stylish Rebecca Minkoff has several tech-focused accessories, including this sleek bracelet that hides a USB connector to charge and sync your phone on the go. (, $40)

rebecca-minkoff fashion forward wearable tech

Cover Photo: Public House

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