A Unique Coffee Excursion– Matchup’s Angels’ Cup Experience

A Unique Coffee Excursion– Matchup’s Angels’ Cup Experience

Waking up to the fresh aroma of a new blend of freshly roasted coffee beans each morning is heavenly. When you were growing up you couldn’t bare the smell, let alone the awful taste of that black sludgey substance your parents seemed to love, and now, you just can’t get enough.  At first you started out drinking coffee for that burst of caffeine but after a while your taste buds were begging for more.

A splash of creamer and a packet of sugar, and you’re ready to go. But as the cups pile up and the years pass, all those empty calories add up, Jeff Borack, Co-Founder and CEO of Angels’ cup began to realize. If you’re adding two teaspoons of sugar and two tablespoons of half and half to your morning cup of joe you’re adding on a total of 72 calories for that day, which adds up to 26,280 calories a year. And that’s not even figuring in the multiple cups that some individuals enjoy daily.

You begin to realize you need to make a change in your coffee routine, but where to start? The best course of action is to switch from shoveling in the sugars to straight black coffee. This is what Jeff quickly realized, but what seemed to be more alarming was the quality in the coffees he was used to drinking, or lack thereof. In steps Angels’ Cup Coffee, a company closing the gap between you and the great coffee you deserve, great enough to enjoy without the additional milk, sugar, creamer, or half and half.

Are you ready to become the ultimate coffee connoisseur? Join Angels’ Cup in tasting some of the greatest coffees worldwide. Their different subscriptions give you the chance to blind taste test some magnificent and unique flavors you won’t want to put down.

How It Works

Sign up for one of their coffee subscriptions, the cupping flight or the black box, and receive your packages of grounds to brew into caffeine goodness. The fun part? The packages aren’t labeled so you get the opportunity to put your taste buds to the test. Use the Angels’ Cup app to track your taste bud’s reactions and guess what kind of coffee you’re enjoying and where it’s from.

Matchup vs. The Black Box Coffee Subscription

Here at Matchup we’d like to consider ourselves coffee lovers. There’s always a pot brewed first thing in the morning, and a pot or two made mid afternoon. So to say we were excited, would be an understatement.

When the Black Box arrived we could hardly wait. We opened it to find our four different grounds packaged neat and tidy in their sleek yet simple black packaging. The black containers increased the sense of mystery and left us with no clues on our tasting mission.

Black box coffee subscription angels cup

angels cup coffee package

A few team members gathered around the coffee pot and got to tasting. 

angels cup next to coffee pot

coffee about to be brewed

We downloaded the app, set up our account and were ready to roll. The signup process was quick and painless. Since we would all be doing the tasting together, we decided to use one account and mark our discoveries as a team.

The app was easily navigable and visually appealing. The use of vibrant colors and fun graphics adds that much more to the experience. We loved the graphic for the question about the color of the coffee, where we had the opportunity to use the coffee color slider.

Angels cup coffee app

angels cup coffee app choose color

The real fun happened when we got to the “terms” of each flavor; This is when the debate began. We discussed our different findings and weighed all the responses towards our ultimate decision together. Now none of us per say are coffee connoisseurs but there were two instances where team members could distinguish the origin and even picked out specific flavors from that brew.

angels cup coffee descriptive wheel

The full flavor wheel was a bit funny at first. We’d hope that the beans didn’t taste like bandaids or ash, which thankfully they didn’t. Each blend had a unique body and new interesting flavors.

angels coffee cup flavor wheel
This was a fun team activity and at the end of the day we loved trying all the different coffees that we may usually look past. Angels Cup is a great way to learn about coffee and explore the offerings from different origins. If you’re stuck in a coffee rut, just running into Starbucks every morning for a latte, break your cycle with some new and fresh flavors. The black box is perfect for all coffee drinkers, whether you’re a prodigy or a newbie.

Everyone likes a little variety, so we suggest giving Angels’ Cup Coffee a try.

Have you tried an Angels Cup subscription? How did you like it? Share in the comments below.

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