A Matchup MVP Gives Her Tips on Hitting 30,000+ Steps Per Day

A Matchup MVP Gives Her Tips on Hitting 30,000+ Steps Per Day

During a team step challenge at work, Tammie Coley was left stepping solo while her coworkers competed against her in a group of three.

Sound unfair? Consider this: On her best day, Coley clocked 100,000 steps on her Fitbit — an amazing feat, especially since she did it through just baking activity into her existing daily schedule. She now averages 30,000+ steps per day.

Coworkers Get Step Crazy

Coley and about 45 of her coworkers at Cox Communications in Atlanta, Georgia, use Matchup to connect their fitness trackers — they run the gamut from Fitbit, Garmins, Jawbones, or other devices — and run team challenges.

Every week, they have one Matchup group encouraging members to hit 10,000 steps, and one for 20,000, along with head-to-head challenges. In January, they sweetened the deal for participants by asking everyone to chip in $10 toward a team step challenge with cash prizes, certificates and medals.

“We all went crazy stepping,” Coley told Matchup. “People went well beyond any step number that they had ever put up before. It taught people what they can do if they put effort into it.”

Coley started tracking her food and exercise online in 2007 in an effort to lose 40 pounds. After five years of daily journaling, the excess weight was gone, and she moved over to a Fitbit to track her exercise with less time in front of her computer. At first, she invited a few coworkers to join her on a website to step together, and then moved the group over to Matchup.

Now, she’s the resident office cheerleader — and no doubt an influential one. So much so that one coworker even dressed up as Coley for Halloween, signature tennis shoes and all.

“I’m trying to motivate my coworkers because it keeps me motivated to meet my step target every day — we encourage each other,” she said. “Some people are trying to lose weight, some are doing it for their health, or just because they know it’s the right thing to do.”

“Participants have changed their habits,” says Coley.

“They park farther away, and walk to talk to their kids instead of yelling upstairs. One coworker just reported that she got her son involved, walking with him to the far-away mailbox they usually drive to. Some have lost weight, or reported positive changes in their blood pressure or other medical stats.”

For not-so-experienced steppers, Coley shared a list of her best tips with us. She warned us by saying, “You may get some funny looks when you try some of these, but that just makes it more fun!”

Tammie’s Tips For Hitting 30,000+ Steps

  • Walk up and down the terminal while waiting for your flight to board at the airport
  • Step side-to-side while waiting in line at the grocery store or movie theater, etc.
  • Use a bathroom that is farther away than the most convenient one
  • Walk around the house while talking on the phone
  • Hula-hoop and jog in place while watching TV
  • Jog in place while brushing your teeth, flossing, combing hair, showering, getting dressed, etc.
  • Jog in place while cooking, cleaning, etc.
  • Turn every trip to the store into an opportunity to take a short walk
  • Jog in place while pumping gas
  • Go the the gym: Use an elliptical or take an aerobics class

Inspired yet? Share your comments below — as Coley says, she loves to hear about other’s progress. 

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