A Day in the Life of Team Matchup: My Steps, Our Journey

A Day in the Life of Team Matchup: My Steps, Our Journey

As we shared in our last post, we’ve seen real transformation happen with our community of users.

That blows us away.

It’s no surprise, then, that our team members have been impacted in their own personal journeys to getting — and staying— active and healthy. Shoutout to our designer Kuu! Remember her journey, Kuu to 8k?!

As diverse as our backgrounds and experiences are, it has been an incredible encouragement to share the struggles and successes we all weather. Many times, it feels like an insurmountable undertaking to change our behavior — whether going for a walk around the neighborhood with the kids, getting in a workout at the gym, walking up the stairs at the office rather than taking the elevator, or going for a bike ride over a Netflix binge session. Who doesn’t love a weekend of Netflixing?

As a team, we’ve made physical activity and healthy habit-forming a priority in our lives. Different for every team member, the things that get us moving (and enjoying it) have more to do with the people that keep us accountable to our personal goals and commitment to one another. We may live and breathe this mission, but we can all atest to the fact that it’s far from easy.

Each of our journeys to get and stay healthy may be unique to our individual stories, but it’s the beauty of the shared experience we have with our family, friends, and communities that make the journey meaningful and more successful. So, even though we’re each doing our part to get active and make our health a priority — we couldn’t imagine being on this journey without the support of our team.

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Because of this, we wanted to share a snapshot of the day in the life of Team Matchup and the fun we have together in everything we do — from work, commuting, socializing, and, of course, getting those steps in!

Small Steps Towards A Healthier Lifestyle

The Matchup team shares the most important thing they’ve done to improve their health and wellness this year.


Andy Health goal


Anthony health goals


christina health goals


cary health goals


Grace health goals


john health goals


Kuu health goals

A Day In The Life of Team Matchup

Matchup designer coding

My steps our journey and apple watch

Matchup shirt

Matchup around Chicago

Matchup app on iphones

Matchup starbucks lake

My steps our journey

matchup chicago my steps our journey

Team playing golf my steps our journey

man golfing

Matchup team golf outing

These are the steps we’re taking, as a team, towards a healthier lifestyle. Now, it’s your turn to share your story. Whether you’re taking small strides or large leaps, know that you’re stepping in the right direction. Join us in sharing your journey and letting us support you in your goals.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

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