9 Behavior Change Hacks That’ll Get You Moving

9 Behavior Change Hacks That’ll Get You Moving

According to our user data, Matchup steppers take the whole “day of rest” thing literally. Steps drop way off on Sundays across most users — yours truly included.

This is not to say Netflix marathons aren’t occasionally warranted and that you should go to the gym every day. But one of the keys to a happier, healthier life is daily physical activity, whether you’re running errands and hanging out around the house or fitting in a formal workout. It’s the collection of little movements over time that add up to serious changes.

That’s why, as colder weather returns to much of the Northern Hemisphere (not to mention snow and ice!) and as we head into the busy, stressful holidays, we rounded up some behavior change hacks for rockin’ Sunday step counts.

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9 Behavior Change Hacks That’ll Get You Moving– Even on The Laziest of Days

1) Start Small

A 10-minute walk after dinner. A short trip to the park between morning church services and lunch. Whenever works for you, find a tiny window of time to do something active — one you can stick to most weeks.

2) Don’t Get Stuck in an “All or Nothing” Mindset

Building off of step 1, a healthier mindset is the key to happy stepping. Don’t think: Well, I’ve only made it 2,000 steps today, so I might as well stick to the couch. Instead remember that something is always better than nothing, for your body and mind.

3) Know Yourself

Me? I’m a morning person. If it’s 3 p.m., and I haven’t done yoga or gone for a walk, it’s just not happening (even with the all-or-nothing rule in mind). I just lose serious motivation for exercise after about 11 a.m. As such, I get up and out early — it helps me feel my best all day long. Apply this to your own lifestyle and habits to maximize your Sunday motivation.

4) Try Muscles, Not Motors

This one we’re paraphrasing from the Mr. Money Mustache blog. The gist: Not only can moving your body rather than your car while you run errands make you healthier, but also it saves money. Win-win, right? Bike or walk those weekend errands whenever you can.

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5) Set An Incentive

We’ve previously discussed the importance of incentives when it comes to daily habit setting. For example, if your goal is to walk more in order to lose weight, your incentive is new comfortable walking shoes or snow boots, not a cupcake.

6) Do Something You Love

Weekends are supposed to be fun, right? As such, Sunday afternoon is not the time to do that thing that’s good for you that you don’t really enjoy. (For me: Ab exercises. Yuck.) Instead, Sundays are prime spots for hiking, biking, shopping, trips to the indoor driving range — whatever you like to do enough to get moving with little prodding needed.

7) Find an At-Home Routine

When snow and ice blankets the ground, sometimes there’s no way you can or should be going out. Instead, keep a few at-home exercises in your back pocket and find ways to workout around the house: Cleaning, vigorous healthy meal prep sessions, playing with your kids: All these activities add to your daily step count.

8) Volunteer

One science-backed way to be happier and healthier? Give your time to others rather than yourself. If you have space for a regular Sunday volunteer gig at your local soup kitchen or animal shelter, you’ll reap dividends, body and soul.

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9) Set a Friend Date — Virtually or IRL

Maybe a little friendly competition is what it takes for behavior change. That’s fine; just keep the accountability going on Sundays, too. Scheduling a head-to-head challenge with a super-competitive pal or meeting a friend for a workout can get you moving. Plus, you’ll reap the health benefits that come with socializing and engaging with loved ones.
Do you struggle to stay moving on Sundays? What are some behavior change hacks that’ve helped you in the past?

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