7 YouTube Channels You Should Be Following To Eat Healthy and Stay Fit

7 YouTube Channels You Should Be Following To Eat Healthy and Stay Fit

Finding it hard to stick to a regular gym program? Does your grueling work schedule make it impossible for you to eat healthy? Dying to get away from your uninspired lifestyle rut?  Not to worry – getting healthy is as easy as watching a video!

YouTube has become the everyday person’s go-to resource for easy workouts, fitness advice from experts, and a one-stop shopping recipe library of videos to help you create a delicious and nutritious meal to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle. Thus, you can chart out your own personal fitness schedule and healthy diet from the comfort of your home. And to help you with your meal and workout plan, we’ve rounded up 7 YouTube videos on fitness and healthy eating to look and feel your best.

fully raw healthy youtube food channel

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For Healthy Eats

  • Fully Raw by Kristinia Carrillo Bucaram: Kristina dishes out the most delectable and easy to cook raw veggie delights. Her lunch box menu and smoothies like ‘My Secret Soul Shine juice’ will undeniably leave you craving for more. Her low fat snacks like the fully raw carrot cupcakes with orange vanilla cream frosting and fully raw pumpkin pie are easy to cook yummy desserts for all occasions. She has over 6,00,000 subscribers to her FullyRaw Kristina channel on YouTube and lives to be an Inspiration to all to follow a fully healthy and organic veggie diet.
  • The Sweetest Vegan by Tasha Edwards: the Southern pastry maker gives you the McDonald burgers, tarts and pies in a wholly new makeshift veggie style. Try it and your kids will never miss junk food anymore. Her mouth-watering array of cupcakes like the peanut butter cupcakes will definitely entice you like never before. With a subscription grossing at 45,130, her channel is must watch for all those who want a healthy spin on junk eats!
  • Lean Body Lifestyle: offers an amazing palette of diet food for those who seriously adhere to strict fitness regimes or are into intense body building – like the easy body building delicious oven baked chicken parmesan, crispy oven fried chicken, sweet potato fries and many more. With over 2 million subscribers, this YouTube channel is a treasure trove for major fitness freaks.
  • Fit Men Cook: if you want to cook a healthy meal on a shoe string budget, then this channel is the most apt. Kevin, the show host, provides loads of tips on healthy cooking and how to save money on your grocery shopping. He has an impressive array of recipes on healthy eats like the chicken avocado pasta. With his channel subscription grossing at 1,71,820 Kevin hounds on the slogan “Bodies are built in the kitchen; sculpted in the gym”.

For Fitness

  • Blogilates: the LA certified fitness instructor provides tough pilates workout sessions through her YouTube channel. Try out her Beginner Workout series in order to get your basics strong and before you hit out on some hard workouts. Apart from her hardcore workout regimes, she shares loads of healthy recipes. Her stuffed quesadilla on a coconut flour tortilla is a must try.
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blogilates youtube channel

  • Tone It Up: the show hosts Karena and Katrina, shares intensive workout sessions on breathtaking landscapes. In addition to the hard workouts, they offer tons of advice on nutrition and healthy living. With a whopping subscription list surpassing 5 million followers, this channel is a must try for those looking to perfect the sculting and toning necessary for a rock hard body. The widely acclaimed duo have made it to SELF Magazine, Vogue, In Style and Shape.Don’t forget to check out their second channel http://www.youtube.com/karenakatrina.
  • Be Fit: work out with some of the world famous fitness instructors like Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser fame,Denise Austin and even Jane Fonda. In addition to getting your choice of workouts from yoga to pre and post-natal workouts, Be Fit has workout regimes charted out to cater to minimal time spans. With almost 2 million subscribers, Be Fit gives you high quality free workouts to get that perfect slim waistline.

Why wait? Get started and make your choice of the best fitness regime backed up with a healthy diet you will never regret choosing, right from your home.

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