7 Tips for At-Home Workout Motivation

7 Tips for At-Home Workout Motivation

You don’t have to have a gym membership to exercise. For some people, the convenience of exercising at home helps them stay on track. Others turn to at-home workouts to save money, time or other reasons, and savvy sorts even figure out how to make their own equipment, such as a DIY Weight Rack or lift bar! Regardless of what makes you a living room warrior, it can sometimes be difficult to stay motivated to start or stick with an at-home workout. Below, a few tips to give you the workout motivation you need.

At-Home Workout Motivation Tips to Become a Living Room Warrior

Stash Equipment in Full Site

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Many successful home exercisers like to keep their yoga mat or hand weights handy to serve as a visual cue to get moving. Another way: As soon as you get home, change into your gym clothes and shoes.

Engage Your Family

Just because you’re working out at home doesn’t mean you have to sweat solo. Take your spouse, kids, dog or roommate out for a walk around the block — you’ll fit steps in, and catch up over conversation.

Find a Routine You Enjoy

Part of finding the best exercise routine for your lifestyle means picking a routine that fits you. Whether it’s running or biking, barre DVDs or at-home HIIT, try out different things until you find your fit.

Employ Positive Thinking

Even if you like the exercise routine of your choice, getting moving can still be tough. That’s why one of the best ways to get started is to focus on how good you will feel after. Whether it’s an intrinsic reward (think: instant stress relief), or an external perk (think: a higher step count on your Jawbone), focus on the results you want to stay motivated.

Keep a Schedule

Just as your coworker hits the noon spin class Tuesdays and Thursdays, you should also plan a specific time to exercise. After a few sessions, it will start to become a habit.

Set an Incentive

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As we’ve written before, selecting incentives can help inspire continuous healthy habits. Just make sure your reward for fitness supports your goals, instead of sabotaging them. (Check out more hacks for healthy behavior change here.)

Log Your Workouts

Team up with friends online to track your workouts — and your progress. A little bit of friendly competition can help keep you motivated. Check out Matchup’s open challenges to get started.

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