7 Running Blogs for New Moms

7 Running Blogs for New Moms

Fitness is more fun with friends — that’s part of the reason we created Matchup, after all — and it’s also partially why running blogs documenting everything from first 5Ks to ultramarathons have exploded in popularity in recent years.

Parents have gotten in on the trend, too, using blogging platforms as a way to connect with likeminded friends and share motivation for continuing to lace up those running shoes.

To help you gain your daily dose of inspiration for physical activity, we scoured the web and rounded up a few “mother runner” blogs we love. These ladies keep it real — never shying away from the difficulties that come with balancing work, family, fitness and a whole lot more.

7 Favorite Blogs For Mom Runners

Run Gia Run. New Yorker Gia Alvarez candidly shares her struggles with infertility on her blog — though she’s now expecting her third child — and never fails to motivate other moms, thanks to her #mamalete campaign, celebrating the athlete within all mothers. Perhaps the best part of her blog? Adorable photos of her twins, nicknamed G1 and G2.

run gia run mommy blogger

Photo: Instagram.com/rungiarun

The Hungry Running Girl. Utah-based blogger Janae just might have the sunniest disposition on the Internet, though her blog is still plenty personal, as she has used it as a way to document her divorce and new life as a single mom to the adorable Brooke. She’s also speedy — her half marathon PR time is a blistering 1:23:55 (that’s about a 6:22 minutes per mile pace) — so she offers plenty of inspiration to new mama runners.

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NYC Running Mama. A West Point grad and Iraq veteran, Staten Island-based blogger Michelle Gonzalez is a forced to be reckoned with. One, she’s run a 3:15 marathon. Secondly, she finished an Ironman triathlon as her third tri ever (not too shabby!). Plus, she keeps it real when it comes to training — she’s often up and out the door before 5 a.m. or logging treadmill miles past 9 p.m. while her two boys sleep.

nyc running mama mommy blogger

Photo: Instagram.com/NYCrunningmam

Lauren Fleshman. The mother runner of all mother runners, Lauran Fleshman is a pro — she’s represented the U.S. at the World Championships three times — and if her blog is any indication, one seriously cool chic. Fleshman made a splash a few years back by signing to exclusively run with Oiselle, a women’s apparel startup founded and ran by women, rather than a big name like Nike. More recently, she made headlines by posting photos of her belly flab three months after giving birth, demonstrating that, yes, professional athletes are real women, too.

lauren fleshman mommy blogger

Photo: Instagram.com/fleshmanflyer

Running Bun. A working mom with a super-long commute, New Jersey-based Ashley, keeps it real on her blog (named after her huge head of hair). During her pregnancy, she was very open about her struggles with body image and fitness; post-baby, she paints a realistic picture of what it’s like to regain a love for running while balancing a baby, a demanding job and her family.

Kristen Lawrence. Kris Lawrence is a military wife with three small kids. She balances training with her husband’s long deployments, and with a personal best of 2:47 in the marathon (that’s really, really fast), she’s hoping to make the 2016 Olympic Trials.

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Running With Perseverance. Coco is a 40-something mom who balances fitness, family and her work as an attorney. She started running in 1999 — with teenagers in the house, no less — and used the sport to help lose 40 pounds and get healthy. As a bonus, her blog is full of practical information for new runners.

running with persverance mommy blogger

Photo: Instagram.com/got2run4me

Moms and dads, what are your favorite health and fitness blogs? Share some in the comments!

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