6 Tricks To Avoid The Fall Fitness Cliff

6 Tricks To Avoid The Fall Fitness Cliff

For Northern Hemisphere dwellers, October is the slowest gym month of the year, a 2013 analysis from Gold’s Gym found. Uh-oh. That means you could be on the edge of the fitness cliff, or that massive drop-off that could leave you waiting until Jan. 1 to get back to regular exercise.

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We get it: After the gloriously long days of summer, dark mornings can come as a shock. (Seriously, only dogs and toddlers still have energy at 6 a.m.)

Jamie Eason, a Gold’s Gym trainer, told Women’s Health that colder temperatures, in addition to dark days, could also mean waning motivation. “You’ve been working out so hard for summer so you can look great in your swimsuit,” she said. “As soon as it starts getting cooler, everybody starts covering up … out of sight, out of mind.” (Also, hello football season, which equals prime time for beer, barbecue and pumpkin desserts.)

How to Beat This Fitness PitFALL?

1) Switch It Up

If you’re a committed gym goer, sign up for a new program or class to kickstart your interest, Eason said.

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2) Set a Big Goal.

 Men’s Fitness suggests working towards some concrete accomplishment that has always eluded you: maybe a pull-up or a pistol squat, or a Turkey Trot 5K finish line. With this end in mind, you might be a little more motivated to keep hoofing it.

3) Get a Buddy

We’ve said it before, but partnering up to ensure you don’t miss your lunchtime walk or Sunday afternoon yoga can be key. (Just try to snag a friend that’s slightly more fit than you — all the better for motivation!)

4) Embrace the cold!

When it’s chilly outside, all you need is proper gear. (Take it from us — we’re in Chicago!) On frigid-but-sunny days, throw on your warmest coat and shoes and head outside for a walk. You’ll fit steps in, plus the sun exposure will do other wonders for your health. For extra motivation, listen to a podcast or audiobook while you step.

5) Stay Healthy

What will make you even less likely to go to the gym? A fall cold. Wash your hands, eat your veggies and stay hydrated to ward off illness, suggests Australian health and fitness guru Amelia Philips on her website.

6) Reward Yourself (Smartly)

Philips suggests booking a weekend away toward the end of winter can keep you feeling optimistic, not to mention motivated if you are going somewhere warm. If traveling-as-incentive doesn’t work for you for time or budget reasons, try our tips for staying accountable with your weight without a scale.
How do you stay motivated when it’s cold? Here, superstar Matchup users share their top tips for hitting 10,000+ steps all season long! Share in the comments below!

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