6 Quick and Simple Hydration Hacks

6 Quick and Simple Hydration Hacks

We painstakingly wake up early in the morning to blend our smoothies, brew our coffee, and mix our protein shakes. We’re so concerned about caffeine that most of us forget about one of the most important liquids on earth– the elixir of life – water.

Water makes up about 60% of our body composition and influences 100 percent of all our bodily processes. It energizes us, keeps us going, aids in weight loss, improves our mood, hydrates us, helps us think clearly and even helps in heart health.

Now, it may not be as glamorous as that green tea or tonic water but that’s precisely what makes it so much easier for us to ensure that we hydrate our body with sufficient amount of water on a daily basis. 75% of Americans may suffer from chronic dehydration. To avoid this here are some simple hacks to incorporate that standard half a gallon of water that we should be drinking every day.

6 Water Hacks

1. Carry a water bottle with you at all times

Whether plastic or reusable, (reusable preferred) keeping a water bottle on you at all times can help to keep you hydrated. You can keep track of how much water you drink and refill it until you hit the daily, half a gallon mark. Based on your own personal goals and schedule you can tailor your water plan to your preferences. If you’re a business, you could offer Custom Water bottles to your clients so that when they’re out and about drinking your water, they’re also spreading brand awareness too!

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2. Add a splash of something

Anything! Add lemons, cucumbers, fruits or veggies to your water to spice it up. It’s also been proven that drinking through straws actually makes you drink more water than when you’re sipping on it! If you’re going to get straws, make sure to stay away from nonrecyclable plastic ones and instead consider buying reusable boba straws instead. This way, you can cut down on your plastic waste and will also help save the environment.

difuse water with lemons and cucumbers

3. Drink at least two glasses of water as soon as you wake up in the morning

Make a mental to-do list to drink a bit of water every hour. Or you could challenge yourself to finish a certain amount by your first coffee break, a bit more by lunch time and so on. Set up a schedule that works for you.

glass of water falling into cup

4. Give up sugary beverages and all other liquids other than water

If you’re really serious in upping your water consumption you could always drink water, and only water. Substitute every liquid you drink with water.

5. Technology

Technology could also be a great friend to constantly give you your daily dose of ‘drink water’ reminders. A new product starting to ship in Jaunuary of 2016 is HidrateMe. This water bottle pairs with your smart phone and notifies you when you should drink water and displays your hydration history. It tracks your activity and location and factors that into your daily water plan.

hidrateme waterbottle

Photo Credit: http://hidrate.me/

6. Eat foods with high water content

You could always have your water and eat it too by turning to foods that are high in water content. Fruits and veggies like watermelon, cucumber, celery, strawberries, tomatoes, zucchini, spinach, peppers and radishes are a great source of water and also double up as a healthy alternative to those afternoon treats.

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There are a whole bunch of benefits that H2O can do for us, right from weight loss to digestion and gorgeous skin. Use these life hacks to sneak in the sips and we assure you that drinking water will no more be a chore!

What hacks do you use? Share in the comments below.

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