5 Beautiful Hiking Trails Around The World

5 Beautiful Hiking Trails Around The World

Now that you have already made your mind to begin a “walk to remember,” we are back to give your adventurous minds some food for thought! The world is filled with vast landscapes both far and wide with the most beautiful trails connecting them. We’ll examine some of the most beautiful hiking trails worldwide. From Helgenæs in Northern Europe to the Lake District in England.

Epic Trails

Here’s a list of world-famous hiking spots, both challenging as well as serene, from mountains to valleys to oceans and rocky landscapes, to give you the profound repletion of a great hike! Of course, there are tonnes of other beautiful hiking destinations as well. There should be nothing stopping you from picking a great trial, getting the comfiest hiking boots and going on an adventure.

1. Te Araroa Trail

This hiking trail located in New Zealand has nature’s beauty gazing right at your eyes, just like the Aurora. Sporting a variety of rocky landscapes, coastal lines, alpine ridges as well as ancient volcano sites, this hiking trail is a power packed paradise for an individual with adventurous instincts.

te araroa trail

Photo Credit: Teararoa.org

2. Harding Icefield Hiking Trail

Fit for day hiking, the Harding Icefield Trail located in Alaska is a paradise for fans of snow. On this hike you will venture through valleys and vast meadows. What makes it more challenging? There are black bears all around the area and hence, the place is only limited for day hikes.

harding icefield hiking trail

Photo Credit: www.fodors.com

3. Everest Base Camp Trek

Spread around a length of 40 miles, this hiking trail gives you the opportunity to stand at the tallest peak of Earth and satiate that ever demanding adventurous soul of yours. Located in Nepal, the Everest Base Camp Trek is the best way for a hiker to enjoy some great outdoor activities including mountaineering and trekking while being at the highest mountain range in the world— Mount Everest.

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everest base camp trail

Photo Credit: www.fodors.com

4. Laugavegurinn Hiking Trail

Located in Iceland this 50 mile hiking trail is a reflection of magnificence, especially due to the 20 gushing waterfalls that the hiker will come across as soon as they cross the first seven miles of the trail. As one goes further there are beautiful mountain valleys and glaciers along with a volcano site. Visiting an Iceland volcano is on the bucket lists of many travelers around the world. The trail is said to have been an epitome of many Middle Earth writers, and also for J. R. R. Tolkien, right before he drafted the Lord of the Rings.

5. Mooney Falls

The Grand Canyon is a globally famous spot. And the Mooney Falls located in the Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most cherished spots for a hiker. This hiking trail is the truest example of the saying that there’s no gain if there’s no pain. The trail leads the hikers through a number of challenges in the form of iron ladders, rocky surfaces and finally brings you to a beauteous sight of the Mooney Falls that makes the hardship worth it all!

mooney falls

Photo Credit: www.fodors.com

These breathtaking hiking destinations are enough to inspire anyone to book the next flight out. So what are you waiting for? Stay tuned as we explore some more aspects of hiking over the next couple of weeks.

Have you visited and hiked any of these trails or have any suggestions for other beautiful trails? Let us know in the comments!

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