Our First Float Experience with Float Sixty

You owe it to yourself to take some time out of your busy schedule and shut everything off for some much needed personal time. We wanted to share our experience with a solution that you might not have thought or even heard of to help yourself disconnect and relax.

We recently had the pleasure to pay a visit to Float Sixty Studio’s River North location (303. W. Erie St.) for our first float session. Not knowing what to expect, we went into things with an open mind and the experience is one of a kind from beginning to end.

From the moment you enter the space, the atmosphere is quiet, warm and welcoming. There are five float rooms, a meditation room, and a waiting room with a calming blue light for you to relax prior to or after your session. There is also a space that has hair and skin products to prepare you before retreating back to the outside world.

Before we arrived at Float Sixty, we were provided with some reminders before our first float:

  • Arrive 15-20 minutes before your session to check-in and ask any of the questions you may have
  • Allot 90 minutes for your entire experience. You don’t want to rush the experience
  • Don’t shave a full eight-10 hours before your session.
  • Chill on the caffeine, so you’re able to fully relax
  • Don’t dye your hair prior to your session

After the walkthrough, we were brought to our room with the Samadhi Tank. We were walked through how our session would go. There was a tray of earplugs, Vaseline (in case you may have cut anywhere that needs covering), Q-tips (for afterwards) and a solution to help remove any dried salt residue that maybe left behind after your session. You want to shower and shampoo before your float and after that, you’re ready to begin.

It’s hard to explain how it feels to sit inside a chamber of water and feel absolutely weightless. You can either rest your hands behind your head if you have any neck tension or just lay flat out. It can and probably will take you some time to shut off your mind and not worry about any part of your body being tense. Once you fully disconnect, you will enjoy what the experience is intended for and that’s complete relaxation with no concept of time. For people who have a heavy workload, trying one of these sessions after a day at the office could be very beneficial.

Warm tea and relaxation books

Once our sessions had neared its end, the chamber begins buzzing and the water started circulating. After a shower, you can choose to go to the meditation room or waiting room and have yourself some water or tea. You definitely don’t want to head right outside afterward and allow your body and your senses some time to get acclimated to the outside world again. You might even want to keep your phone off throughout this process. You should leave Float Sixty in a calmer state than you entered it.

While we can try and be as explanatory as possible, the true validation is by trying a session for yourself. Each float session is going to be different for each individual and we’re curious to see how future floats will be since we now know what to expect.

To inquire more about Float Sixty, head over to their site, or schedule a session.

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