4 Cool Sites to Crowdsource Your Camping Trip

4 Cool Sites to Crowdsource Your Camping Trip

June marks the National Great Outdoors Month — and this Saturday, June 13, is National Get Outdoors Day.

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What better time to take advantage of the parks and trails in your area? (Or take on a virtual trail with one of Matchup’s Journey Challenges.)

Beyond a healthier step count, as we reported in our list of 10 under-the-radar areas for awesome active vacations, getting into green space has particular health benefits. The gist: A weekend away in nature will help to relax you and put your mind at ease (and a happier mind is a happier body).

To help you get out there, we rounded up four cool new websites helping tech-savvy outdoor lovers make the experience fun and simple. You’ll need some good equipment and hacks for your trips; including having tasty SurvivalCooking, a good sturdy tent and lots of waterproofs just in case. You must remember, camping trips aren’t always predictable so it’s better to take a few extra pieces of equipment just in case. Although sites such as Reserve America and TrailLink have been around — and used — for years, these new sites can help you score cheap gear, receive detailed camping site reviews with photos and more.

Camp Site Reviews, Cheap Gear and More

1. The Dyrt.

Find and review campsites in your area; you can easily search by zip code, city, state or campground for users’ top recommendations. Expert campers can share their favorite spots with others, earning points with every photo or review they add, while those seeking information can discover easy-to-read reviews of hot spots near their hometown.

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the dyrt camp review app

2. Hip Camp

This beautifully designed site is currently somewhat limited in its scope; not every area in the country has been mapped. Right now, the database covers 17 states, including more than 1,000 parks and 4,200 campgrounds. The areas that have been mapped, though, show detailed reviews and gorgeous photos of the area, so you can see exactly what you’re getting into. Plus, we can get behind the Hip Camp mission: The company seeks to improve access to the outdoors in an effort to stoke passion for nature and a desire to preserve the country’s wild spaces in as many people as possible.

3. Outdoor Exchange

Now that you know where to go, you need the gear to make your experience work. Enter Outdoor Exchange, a members-only site that allows outdoor enthusiasts to rent all kinds of gear at an affordable rate. For $200 per year, you can rent as often as one time per week; as you add on additional weekly rentals, the price goes up from there. For that fee, you can get all kinds of crazy items you might not want to buy on your own, or that would be much more expensive to rent separately. The available equipment includes kayaks, canoes, bikes, paddle boards, tents and much more.

4. Gear Commons

Call it the Airbnb of camping. This online community connects novice campers with experienced gearheads nearby, who offer up rentals of their stuff for a reasonable fee, plus a security deposit. A win-win for those seeking adventure and adventure seekers who want to help fund their next outing. A search for a tent around Chicago, Illinois, as an example, results in a two-person, three-season tent for $10 a night. The perfect option for city dwellers sans surplus storage space.

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gear commons camping app

Tell us in the comments: How are you getting outdoors this June?

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