3 Wearable Tech Trends to Watch For in 2017

3 Wearable Tech Trends to Watch For in 2017

Wearable technology is here to stay. But the form it will continue to take in our lives is still up for debate. From home to work to the gym, the car and back again, here’s a look at the wearable tech trends that might change and develop in 2017 — becoming more mainstream as they do.

Tech trends to come in  2017

Theresa Hegel, the executive editor of Wearables, recently wrote, after checking in with experts across the industry, that she sees an evolution of smartwatches happening this year.

She writes:

“Right now, smartwatches, for the most part, act as a ‘second screen’ for a smartphone, alerting the wearer to texts, emails and other notifications … This limits both the device’s capabilities and general appeal. “The smartwatch experience hasn’t really resonated with a lot of people yet,” says Dan Ledger, a principal at Endeavour Partners, a mobile strategy consulting firm.

To really gain a foothold with consumers, smartwatches of the future need to offer something more. One likely trend is that they will be untethered from the phone, eschewing Bluetooth connections. …

“The better job we can do testing non invasively what’s happening inside people’s bodies, the more applications open up,” Ledger says.


They’ll develop smarter sensor technology, the article continues, monitoring metrics far beyond fitness, and including triggers for disease management, mindfulness and more.

As the wearable tech marketplace continues to grow, a few types of devices are set to become more popular.

Virtual and augmented reality is the new thing in content creation and delivery. For example, some charities have started delivering experiences from the field to donors via VR headsets. It’s popular with video gamers for obvious reasons. And VR and AR may provide new ways to deliver exciting experiences to gym-goers through more sophisticated training experiences.

“The next era of computing is about elegantly integrating virtual information into our world without having to seal ourselves off from the physical world,” Maribeth Gandy, a research scientist and director of the Wearable Computing Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology told Wareable. “They just become one. Wearable technology will make this possible.”


This year, more of us will meet Alexa. Centralized home hubs will also grow in popularity this year, as more consumers are looking for a central way to control their Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Not sure which of these devices fits your life? PCMag.com has a great category-spanning list to help you get started.

What other tech trends should we be watching for this year?

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