3 Simple Ways to Practice Mindfulness in Minutes Every Day

3 Simple Ways to Practice Mindfulness in Minutes Every Day

By definition, mindfulness means ” the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.” It can seem like a type of thing, for a special type of person, but it is actually for everyone and done by millions of people daily because it is an easy practice to apply.

Being mindful in your everyday can help you to become aware of things you’ve overlooked in the past. It helps you to take a deeper look at yourself and everything around you. It gives you a deeper appreciation for things and helps you see things from a different perspective. Being mindful everyday doesn’t have to be difficult. Try these simple ways to improve your mindfulness, and there’s no excuse because they only take a couple of minutes!

Simple Ways to Improve Your Mindfulness in Minutes

1.The Gratitude List

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A lot of people create this list daily because it puts things into perspective for them. Studies actually prove that writing in a journal, even for a couple of minutes, makes you happier. A great time to put a gratitude list into play is when you need it least.  If you take the time to make a list of at least 3 things you’re grateful for or happy about you’ll be improving your mood greatly. Write it on a sheet of paper or in your phone notes. There are no rules.  You might have made it to the gym three times last week or had dinner with your mom! No matter how small or big of an impact it made on your day, get the gratitude on paper and see how it shifts your current mood.

2.  The One Minute Meditation

Take out your phone and set the timer for one minute.  Sit away from the wall or support of your chair, and get comfortable. This is just as easily done at your desk as well, just make sure you’re comfortable. When you’re ready, push “start” and count your breaths.  The goal is to inhale and exhale 10 times each, in one minute.  Thoughts will jump around and people may distract you, but no matter what simply count the breaths.  When the alarm sounds, take a second to think about what you experienced, and then go on about your day. Deep breathing aids in relieving stress and encourages relaxation. If you’re in a stressful situation or just need a break from your everyday tasks challenge yourself to this one minute meditation (and if you’re feeling it try for two)!

 3. Look Up

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When you’re moving from A to B, you can get caught up in the rush. People are walking too slow, you’re going to be late or you’ve remembered you forgot your lunch at home– there are so many things that you think or worry about in your commute. Challenge yourself to quiet down your brain. Do this on the way to work or go for a 30 minute walk and take in everything around you. Don’t listen to music or play on your phone. Strictly travel and be observant. This will teach you to be more mindful of your surroundings and live in the moment.

There are many mindfulness tricks to incorporate into your everyday, but these three are the perfect starting place. Try all three and capture how they made you feel and what you learned from these exercises.

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Tell Us: Which mindfulness tactic was your favorite and what did you learn?

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