2016 Gadget Gift Guide: Wearables for the Whole Family

2016 Gadget Gift Guide: Wearables for the Whole Family

2016 was a great year for gadgets: The Apple Watch 2 hit shelves, as did a variety of fitness trackers aimed at fixing some of a issues of old, such as battery power and visual appeal. Smart apparel — for both pro athletes and weekend warriors — took center stage at the 2016 Rio Olympics as well as in other venues.

For the home, Google’s Nest offerings expanded this year, as did a host of other products for your smart dwelling.

With these advancements in mind, here are some gadgets your health tech-loving friends and family will love this holiday season.

2016 Gadget Gift Guide


The year’s best wearables.

The authority on all things health tech named the Apple Watch Series 2 the smartwatch and wearable of the year at its 2016 Wearable Tech Awards banquet. The other categories highlight a variety of other devices meant to address specific needs ­— from hardcore training, to running to monitoring weight loss and much more. (Prices vary; for more visit Wareable.com)

The Amazon Echo Dot.

The 2016 gift perfect for anyone wanting to bring their home into the Internet of Things age. This voice-controlled device plays music and connects with a variety of other smart home devices, including alarms, lights, fans and sprinklers. It’ll be your home’s new hub. ($49, Amazon.com)

Any of these fashionable finds.

2016 was a great year for wearable fitness and fashion line collabs, such as this Kate Spade item. Outfit lucky friends and family with the stylish bangle of your choosing from this list. (Prices vary)


Beyond devices: More gifts to give

Wireless headphones.

The runner in your life will adore these top-of-the-line wireless headphones from Bose. The Bose SoundSport is the “most comfortable, best overall in-ear Bluetooth sports headphone you can buy right now,” CNET recently gushed. ($149, Amazon.com)


The perfect phone case for selfies.

Allure alerted us to this fun tech find: The LuMee Two iPhone Case, which includes LED lighting strips to provide instant glow to your Snaps, no filters required. $59.95 (lumee.com)


A portable charger.

Get your Apple Watch-loving bestie a cool portable charger, for a burst of battery life wherever she is. This one from Nomad also worked for iPhones. ($69.99, HelloNomad.com)


Related: If your on-the-go friend loves camping or other activities away from wall plug-ins, a portable battery pack (that connects to devices via USB) can also be a handy tool and great gift. ($32.99, Amazon.com via RAVPower)


A cyclist’s best friend.

If you have loved ones who love to ride their bikes, using a wearable device and/or smartphone to track their workouts (or to keep from getting lost), a smartphone bike mount can be a lifesaver. ($25, REI.com)

TELL US: What’s on your holiday wish list? Anything you’d add to our 2016 gadget gift guide?

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