10 Motivating Must Follow Instagram Accounts

10 Motivating Must Follow Instagram Accounts

When there is time to kill, Instagram is wonderful company. So if you haven’t got an account yet what are you waiting for??!! This username generator will help get you started. How about using your idle time to check out some Instagram accounts that can inspire you to get fit and lead a healthy lifestyle?

Here are 10 popular fitness and health related Instagram accounts you’ll love to follow. A lot of people have been looking to start a health and fitness related pages in recent times, but it can be hard to get the ball rolling when you have too few followers. This is where a bot for instagram can come in handy. And since health comes from many ways – working out regularly, eating right or engaging in active sports – we bring you a good mix of accounts that relate to work-outs, healthy eating and fun-filled activities.

Inspiring Instagram Accounts

1. curtiswilliams17

Owned by former NFL player, Curtis Williams, it features great workout snaps that can motivate you to hit the gym. He is the creator of Training C.A.M.P and a well-known Under Armour Coach. His videos of squat jumps, battle ropes and core exercises are just what you need to get moving.

curtis williams trainer instagram

Photo Credit: https://instagram.com/p/57TnnhiYlM/?taken-by=curtiswilliams17

2. twobadbodies

Run by long-time friends, Kasia Keranen and Jennifer Forrester (the Beautiful Athletic Duo), their coordinated fitness feats are fun to watch and truly inspiring. Their coordinated jump routines and stair workouts can teach you to exercise in and around your home without any fancy equipment. They have over 371k followers and have even been featured on the Instagram account of the First Lady, Michelle Obama.

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3. mileposts

Dorothy Beal is a pro at running marathons (30 times) and has created popular fitness campaigns #irunthisbody and#iranitfortheinsta campaigns. Her page has picturesque running shots, pictures of healthy food and she also hosts giveaways, the last being a Garmin Forerunner. Being a busy mom herself, her running achievements can encourage you to skip excuses and get serious about getting fit.

4. kathrynbudig

This versatile fitness personality is a yoga expert, writer, Under Armour Athlete and founder of Aim True Yoga. Her yoga poses in the midst of nature inspire you to get fit. And her recipes teach you to make a meal that is delicious and healthy.

katryn budig yoga instagram

Photo Credit: https://instagram.com/p/6deb6bPpAN/?taken-by=kathrynbudig

5. bretthoebel

Biggest Loser trainer and creator of the 20 Minute Body, Brett Hoebel’s account is a mix of yoga, bodyweight training, martial arts and includes links to his body shaping routines on You Tube.

6. nicolewinhoffer

If dance is what gets you moving, then this instagram account by celebrity trainer Nicole Winhoffer has great dance moves that make workout look like art. Her exercise moves are aimed at making your body flexible and improving cardiovascular health.

nicole winhoffer trainer instagram

Photo Credit: https://instagram.com/p/6Y_q3vAKYm/?taken-by=nicolewinhoffer

7. caitsplate

Confused on how to eat healthy without compromising on taste? Caitlyn Elf can teach you to do that. Her mouth-watering pictures of yummy yet healthy versions of popular dishes scream for you to try them out immediately.

8. anunprocessedlife

This page is from somebody who understands well how nutrition and fitness go together. Jocelyn Weiss – Health and Wellness expert, runner, health coach – has wonderful recipes of simple yet healthy dishes. She can teach you to make a healthy meal out of leftovers or whip up a great smoothie. And her photographs do her recipes full justice.

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anunprocessedlife instagram healthy recipe

Photo Credit: https://instagram.com/p/6dg7H5mXFR/?taken-by=anunprocessedlife

9. stephaniegilmore

Stephanie is six time world ASP world Tour Women’s champion. Her candid surf shots can make surfing look like a piece of cake. And shots of her traveling and playing the guitar reveal a more down-to-earth image of her.

stephanie gilmore surfer instagram

Photo Credit: https://instagram.com/p/53MyJixUMS/?taken-by=stephaniegilmore

10. theoutbound

This one is for adventure buffs. Kyle Frost brings you adventure-filled outdoor activities from across America. Camping, hiking, climbing, kayaking, there is a whole range of adventure filled pictures and information on them.

the outbound instagram adventures

Photo Credit: https://instagram.com/p/6fcYENFtnS/?taken-by=theoutbound

What motivating Instagram accounts do you love to follow? Share in the comments below!

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